Monday, January 30, 2012

BLACK MESSIAH - The Final Journey

This is the latest studio album of the German band, which was formed in the early 90's, playing Black Metal. This release finds the band following the same music style of "First War Of The World", a mixture of Viking and Pagan Metal, which also contains elements from their early Black Metal days. Their songs are Epic, with nice melodies, and the addition of violin gives an extra dimension to the music, which the band knows how to take advantage of. The majority of their arrangements are good, with all the typical elements of Viking inspired Metal being audible, speed, Blackish vocals, and a certain heroic atmosphere that is spread throughout the whole album. Tempo changes are enough, melodies follow faster rhythms and Folk parts transform to Black pagan Metal, and this is done with such an ease, that will please all fans, even those not exactly into Black Metal stuff. Another strong point of the album is the clear Operatic vocals, either male or female, that add a Symphonic touch to the music, and blend nicely with the keyboard and guitar melodies. The vocals are very good, sometimes more Black, others more clear, but always adding to the Epic atmosphere. In every aspect this is a well worked release, the melodies are plenty and great, the vocals are very good, the rhythm section is solid and able to deliver both fast and slower parts with ease, and the addition of the violin in the songs gives this extra touch that makes their songs memorable. There's also a cover version of Candlemass's "Into The Unfathomed Tower" from their classic Tales Of Creation. The production is very good, as clear as it should be, without polishing the sound too much, but also making the details of the music available. A release that finds the band in a very creative period. If you liked their previous work, you can be sure that this one will fascinate you.


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