Friday, January 13, 2012

GRAVEWORM - Fragments Of Death

This is the latest release of the Italian band, following their 2009 release "Diabolical Figures". The band plays a music that can be described as a Gothic meets Death Metal mixture, but with a dark feeling that is highly enjoyable. The music is groovy, raw and well performed, with a perfect atmosphere that is maybe one the most distinctive characteristics of the whole album. This is achieved mostly by the keyboards, but also from the guitar melodies, and gives an extra dimension to the music. But this is only to enhance the atmosphere of the songs, since the music is mostly closer to Death Metal, and to make it even more intriguing. The vocals of Stefan are excellent, brutal and growling enough, and fit perfectly with the music. Some clear vocals also exist, and are combined very good with the harsh ones, making the songs more fun to listen to. The songs are very good, with variety and well worked ideas, and I liked the way they move from mid tempo atmospheric parts to blast-beats and more extreme forms of performing. The production is excellent, heavy and as clear as should be, pointing out the atmosphere of the music, without sacrificing the energy of the album. With a tight rhythm section, nice ideas, brutal vocals, and an eerie feeling through the whole album, this release holds some diamonds ready to be discovered. Although the music is catchy enough, it still needs a couple of listenings to comprehend. If you are a fan of the band, also check this album, if you haven't already done so.


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