Thursday, January 26, 2012


Existing since 1991, the band from Sweden is back after 5 years of absence, and enough member changes. First, there's a new frontman, Andreas Novak, ex Mind's Eye singer, but also a new rhythm section. With these changes in mind, one might thing that their music could be different from their previous releases, but the band is back, stronger than ever, with an album that is 100% House Of Shakira. The band is playing Melodic Hard Rock, which ofter borrows enough AOR elements, making their music catchy enough, but also hiding enough details behind the surface for the cautious listener to explore. From the first listening you can understand that the music is a bit more rough than before, but without losing that catchy feeling the band always had in their songs, and this is a good thing. The new rhythm section, both the drummer, but the bass player as well, are doing a perfect job, and add to the creation of the heavier feeling in the music. The arrangements are very good, with no weak moments, and this multi-layered style, makes them more interesting and time resistant. Amongst the melodies, the perfect musicianship, the catchy choruses, and easy-to-participate parts, there's enough diversity something that is a big plus for the album in general. The production is crystal clear, and puts the final details to an already well worked album. This release is one of those that somehow stick into your mind, with music that should be performed live, but is equally enjoyable while driving, or at home. So, open your mind, sit back and relax, and let the music find it's way.


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