Thursday, January 19, 2012

SHEAR - Breaking The Stillness

Shear are hailing from Finland, and this is their first full length, although the band consists on experienced musicians. The line up was completed in 2008, and since then they have released a four track EP back in 2009. It's an album that is well balanced between Metal and Rock, with female vocals, and music that might needs more than just a few spins, but has a lot to offer. First thing we noticed, is that the female vocals are not the typical ones, and this interesting if you think about it. Instead the singer sings in a more harsh way, changing her voice with each song, and fits with the music rather than dominating it. The influences of the band are many, varying from Classic Rock to Power Metal, and are all audible here, but this is not a bad thing, since the band has tried to create a personal style, and has succeeded in most of the songs. The band is talented, and this obvious not only from their performance but from their songwriting as well. Songs that move closer to Rock, others that are more Metal, and some with a touch of Symphonic on them, makes you think this album was written to please various fans. Besides the excellent vocals of Alexa Leroux, a magnificent work has also been done by the keyboards, which manage to create a very interesting atmosphere, add to the complexity of the music, and complete the melodies created by the guitars. An equal good work has also been done in the rhythm section. This album needs your full attention, in order to explore the music to it's best. Diverse and complex at times, more straightforward and easy listening at others, it's one of those debut albums that a band can be proud of.


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