Wednesday, February 01, 2012

77 - High Decibels

If there was a contest for an AC/DC replacement band, these guys would have all that it takes to be a winner. Although it's not really fair for them to compare their music with the giants mentioned above, it's rather obvious that their bigger inspiration is indeed AC/DC and their way of performing music. The band comes from Spain, and this is their second album if I am not mistaken. So, what you would really find here is an album full of such good stuff, that you won't believe your ears. What you won't find here is originality, since the obvious resemblance with their inspiration is destroying all efforts on that, except one 8 minute song, something more complex, but also with the well known riffs that are spread around the album. What you will find, in huge quantity, is good music full of heart and balls, something that all fans of Hard Rock will love and enjoy. The singer sounds very close to Bon Scott, but after a few seconds of staying speechless, and wondering what you are listening to, the rhythm takes over and makes you bang along with the music. There is no second song here, everything is high class, well performed, with kick ass melodies, memorable refrains, and exceptional musicianship. The songs are fun from the first to the last minute, and makes you wonder how fun this album would be if performing live, while drinking beers with a good company. The rhythm section, the backing vocals, the structure of most of the songs, the production, everything, even the cover artwork, reminds of AC/DC, but if you like that, the chances are you might also like this album. It's almost like a tribute band, that has put originality aside, and performed the music they all loved to play. Enjoyable, at high decibels.


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