Tuesday, February 14, 2012


The band exists since 2005 and they are coming from Spain. This is their second album, with their debut being released back in 2009. Aggression are fully justifying their name and are playing Thrash Metal. Their music is full of energy, and all the trademarks one should expect from such a genre. Being inspired mostly by the Bay Area  scene, while some European influences also exist, the band tried their best to create a sound unique and personal. Something quite hard, cause the similarities are here, specially some Slayer riffs are rather obvious, but on the other hand this works rather well for them, since fans of Thrash Metal will feel like home. Speedy tempos, edgy riffs, nice guitar melodies, and head-banging parts, are all here to make this album an instant favorite. But the band doesn't also afraid to experiment, and to make their music a bit more complex, which is at times very interesting. Being technical enough, they manage to create moments where things are more intriguing, and need more than just a few spins to reveal what's under the hood. An good job has also been done in the composing area, where they have some good ideas, and they are exploring them as far as possible. They are Technical enough, explore their ideas to the maximum, and manage to blend the aggression of their music with some more complex structures without weaken their sound or losing their identity. Put aside some few moments not so good, and you have a second album of a band that is quite promising and talented. Might not be totally thrilled by this, but I am looking forward for their next one. Check them out and judge by yourselves.


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