Friday, February 10, 2012

BIOHAZARD - Reborn In Defiance

It all started back in 1990, and 18 years and some albums later, the original band members got together for some rehearsals which led to the recording of this album. Biohazard have always been famous for their ability to mix Metal, with Groove and Hardcore elements, into a very rhythmic and catchy result. This ability, is also present on this one, and the band sounds in top shape, both musically and in the way they compose music. It seems that the gathering of the founding members worked towards the right direction, and this is something that every Biohazard fan will notice. Right from the first song, leave the intro aside, you can understand that the band has dived back to their roots, but without stick into the past, or make music that sounds out of date. The songwriting is very good, with the majority of the songs moving on the same style of the band, with a lot of energy, killer riffs, a perfect rhythm section, and enough memorable guitar solos from Bobby Hambel. The vocals are also very good, giving the anger and the power the band wants to give to their music, and both vocalists are doing a great job on that. On the other hand, there are some not so good moments, not enough to spoil the fun though. There are a song or two when things slow down a bit, into music that might be perfectly performed but lacks that particular energy and atmosphere. The production is heavy enough, and as clear as should be, and gives the final touches to the album. Groovy and well performed, full of energy and parts that fans will love to bang their heads along, this album is a welcome comeback of a legend. If you are a fan, then check this out.      


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