Wednesday, February 15, 2012

SUNSTORM - Emotional Fire

I am sure that everyone is aware of who Joe Lynn Turner is, and, unless living in a cave for the last 20 or so years, have hear some of his vocal performances. A singer so gifted and talented, couldn't stay unnoticed from the Italy based Frontiers Records, a label specialized in Melodic Rock and AOR. This is the third album of the band, and consists on vocal sessions that the singer has done during the 80s for various artists such as Michael Bolton. The result is an album that smells 80's but sounds also so fresh and updated that all fans of the genre will love. The vocals are the first thing to notice, and they are dominating the whole album, something expected. His warm way of singing colors the songs in the best possible way, either being Hard Rockers, or hearbreaking ballads, Joe Lynn Turner manages to give the emotion needed in each song, making it unique. Besides vocals, the rest of the musicians are also very good, creating the best music carpet for the vocals, the kind of music that is full of melodies, and becomes an instant classic. The songs are moving on the same AOR-Hard Rock blend, and have all the characteristics of the style. Memorable parts, huge keyboard lines, groovy rhythms and faster parts, and of course a ballads. The songs are perfect, performed in the best possible way, and there are no weak parts to spoil the fun. The production is good and shinny, giving a pompous feeling to the music, that fits perfectly with the atmosphere. If you are a Melodic Rock fan, or you have enjoyed the works of Mr.Turner in the past, then check this out. It's full of well written music, and all the ingredients that make an AOR album a success.


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