Wednesday, March 21, 2012

3 INCHES OF BLOOD - Long Live Heavy Metal

This is the fifth full length album of the Canadian band and I am pretty sure that fans will love it. I have never had the chance to listen to a complete album of them, only pieces and songs here and there, but nothing could prepare me for what was about to come. The band is playing Traditional Heavy Metal, the way it was performed back in the 80's only given through a modern shinny package. The result is an album that has music with huge balls, and grabs the listener by the throat, not leaving him until the end. First thing to notice is the exceptional vocals which sound like a mixture of Rob Halford and Udo, moving on the same quality, and are one of the biggest things that impresses on the album. Along with that comes the rhythm section, furious, aggressive, tight, and accurate as a Swiss clock, a riff producing machine, that along with the drums create some of the most catchy grooves you can imagine. The songs are based on rather simple forms, but their power is on the energy they have, and not on the complexity of structures, with enough melodies, and stick into your mind making you bang your head along. Even if the style of the music doesn't leave much space, the band members have their chances to show their performing skills as well, specially the drummer, but also the guitar players. The production is clear enough, and fits perfectly with the music, and the modern version of the Classic Heavy Metal the band plays here. Their influences are sometimes more than obvious, but this not making the album less fun as many might think. With a rhythm that sticks in your mind from the first moment, tons of killer riffs that ofter enough flirt with Thrash, excellent vocals, and well arranged songs, this album is aiming for fans of Heavy Metal in general.


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