Monday, March 05, 2012

STIGMHATE - The Sun Collapse

This is the third, if I am not mistaken, release of the Italian band, and the first that comes to our hands. The band is playing Black Metal mostly, but you can expect various extreme elements as well, something that gives variety to their music without sacrificing the style or weaken the sound at all. Along with the expected aggression and ominous atmosphere, the band has managed to use several different styles, from blastbeating to slower and ritualistic parts, something that enhances the depressing feeling and works well with the basic subject of the album. The vocals are very good, sometimes screaming and high pitched, others more harsh and brutal, but always well worked and fitting with the tempo of the music. What's most important is that the band has also used various melodies, most of them well worked, and things are getting even more interesting with this, again without compromising the music. The lyrics are dealing with the end of the human race, and this gives a dark feeling to the whole album. The songs are all moving to the same quality, with no less good moments, and contain some very interesting ideas, that the band tries to explore as much as possible. Musicwise the band is very good, and a good job has been done, besides the vocals, in the melodies, the guitars and the rhythm section as well, either on fast or slower parts of the music. The production is also very good, clear enough and completes the album in the way it deserves. As a result it's an album that contains enough Black Metal to please all fans, with a more modern approach, but without losing all the trademarks of the genre though. It's well written, has it's good moments, and it's enjoyable enough. Check them out.


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