Wednesday, March 07, 2012

VENDETTA - World Under Fire

This is the new album of the British band, and we can say that it's an album as enjoyable as possible, mostly if you are into Classic stuff. Formed in England back in 2005, this is their third release so far. Like their previous work, Heretic Nation, this one sounds really groovy and well arranged and shows a big step forward. First of all, these guys must have a wall with posters of Classic Metal bands, like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Saxon, just to name a few, and pay their respects once, or maybe twice a day. The first thing to notice is the vocals of Edward Box, whose singing is somehow dominating the whole album, although there are times where originality is a bit lost. The music is interesting enough, and often enough travels you back in the 80's, from the melodies, the way of singing, the refrains and the riffs, everything is a tiny part of a big time-travel machine, which most of the times works well. The arrangements are good, with a few less good moments that don't spoil the fun though. What holds the album to 2012 is the production which is clear and powerful enough, and brings all the details of the music to the surface. Musicwise the band is also doing a great job, from the guitar melodies and solos, to the fast and tight rhythm section, everything works like a Swiss clock, and this is a big plus for them. While the songs are standing above the average, this lack of originality can be tiring at times, but the overall is positive either way. It will make you bang you head along with it, tap your feet with the rhythm, and give you some hours of good company. A third album that will gain them a wider fan base for sure.


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