Tuesday, April 03, 2012

ACCEPT - Stalingrad

Being mentioned as an inspiration for numerous bands, and in favorite band lists of millions of fans worldwide, including myself, Accept is a living legend, and the news that they would return for a new album after 14 years of silence was enough to make fans shiver. Now, about two years after their comeback release, they are back with another album, showing that the band is here to stay. Not quite familiar with their previous album I was rather anxious of what to expect, and the first track came to assure that everything is in the correct order. It started with a fast, melodic, groovy and catchy tune, in other words, a typical Accept song, where the fan can bang with the rhythm, sing along, and pretend to be the next guitar hero, as we all did (and some still do) when we were young. But along with the classic, if can be called like that, stuff, there's variety that surprises. The band often slows down, and adds more melody to their music, something that shows a diversity that makes things even more spicy. The musicianship is top class, either the performing or the composing area, and the band has managed to create songs that remind the early days of the band, but through a modern perspective, but also created songs that stand out of the ordinary and really caught the attention. The guitars are excellent, creating tons of huge riffs and slowing down when needed in a way that makes everything sound so normal and fluent. The vocals are also great, and Mark Tornillo is doing a great job either on the fast and catchy tunes, or when music flirts with more melodic forms, and this shows better his vocal skills. No doubt is an album that will take some time to grow on you, besides the catchy moments where things are easy to get into. But with each listening, you get to discover things, and this is where the true magic is.  


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