Tuesday, April 24, 2012

EMPIRES OF EDEN - Channeling The Infinite

This could be just another interesting Power Metal album, with top class music, and all the trademarks of the genre, if the roster of the participants didn't launch it sky high. This is the third album of Empires Of Eden, a band conceived by Stu Marchall, who also composed all the music. What makes it stand out of the ordinary is that each song is carefully written to fit the vocal capabilities of the singer, and trust me, we are talking about Champions League here. And as if this wasn't enough, each singer had the freedom to work on the lyrics and the melodies, so each song is truly a perfect sample of their work. And what a bunch of singers they are, starting from Rob Rock, UDO, Steve Grimmett, Mike Dimeo, Alessandro Del Vecchio, Sean Peck, just to name a few. All of the songs are moving on the same basic principles, they are catchy, melodic, and full of a groove that makes you move your head along with the rhythm. The music is basically Power Metal, but a more richer version of it, with enough complex elements, and touches from Classic here and there, that make things even better. While the vocals and their diversity dominate the songs, and draw the attention of the listener, there's no way we can't point out the excellent work in the music that has been done by Stu Marchall. The majority of the songs are perfect, with a lot of interesting ideas, most of which are fully explored. With top class songs, plenty of melodies, a clear sound, musicianship that is way above the average, and a performance from some of the most respected vocalists in the genre, this album has all it takes to become a favorite. For fans of Power Metal, or Heavy Metal in general.


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