Wednesday, April 18, 2012

LAST KINGDOM - Chronicles Of The North

This is the debut album of the Swedish band, whose story started in a Volvo production line back in 2004. After some line up changes, endless hours of practicing, and a couple of demo releases, this is their first full length, from a label that specializes in the genre. From the first note, the band shows it's intentions, and this is to play Melodic Power Metal. This has it's positive and negative sides of course, and the bigger of them being that their music is not what you might call original or innovative. But, if you put that aside, you have a band that has all it takes to create an enjoyable album, and this is exactly the case here. The band uses all the trademarks of the genre, but does it in the correct way. A fast and solid rhythm section, plenty of melodies, high pitched vocals, and parts easy to follow and participate, and the result is to create music that is both catchy and well performed. The vocals are the typical that one should expect on such an album, but the singer sings on both high or mid range octaves with the same talent. The songs are based on Power Metal forms, with touches of Epic to enhance the result and some more complex moments here and there. There are some nice ideas, well explored, and enough cliche moments, which are working well for the album, and don't spoil the result. Musicianship is very good also, either being the rhythm section, or the melodic lines created by the keyboards and the guitars. The production is good, as clear as an album like this should have, and puts the final details to the music. For a debut album, it's well performed, with good songs, and few weak moments that would spoil the whole effort. If you like the European Power Metal scene, then check those guys. They have a lot to offer and are really good to listen to.


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