Sunday, April 01, 2012

TYKETTO - Dig In Deep

I always though that this band deserved a bigger success, but it seems that sometimes you get second chances. The band continued to release two more albums not in the vein of their Debut one, which contained the hit "Forever Young", maybe their most known song. This new release here is an album that contains enough nice music, not exactly close to their debut one, although glimpses of their story are also to be found. The music here is Hard Rock, with enough AOR elements, and touches from both Blues and Southern to make things even more spicy. The result is an album that has it's banging moments, where the rhythm sneaks in your mind and you want to participate, but also some more melodic moments where the band digs deep into their roots, where things are more Rock, Blues and Southern. The first thing is the vocals, and I have to say that Danny Vaughn sounds in top shape, and gives an excellent performance no matter the style or the tempo of the song. Then there's the rhythm section, and the guitars, all moving on the same high quality levels, creating music that is melodic and sometimes touching, showing that the band has matured like old wine. The songs are great, with enough variety in styles, some being harder and others being more melodic and complex, but all containing ideas that the band tries to explore as further as possible. The production gives the final touches to the music, and is as clear as it should be. With diversity to please all fans of Melodic Rock, Hard Rock or even AOR, and with moments where band flirts with the Blues, this album has almost no weak points. It has some memorable parts, and some melodies that stick into you mind, but as you keep listening, more and more come to the surface, making this a total listening experience.


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