Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Wodensthrone is a band that comes from England, and this release is their second so far, if I am not mistaken, and their first in Candlelight Records. Before starting to listen to the album, I spent some time reading their bio, gathering some more info about their music and what was there for me. By the first minutes I knew I had to do with a band that is talented enough, and had enough original ideas to put in their music. First of all, the band is playing Pagan Black Metal, but has enriched their music with so many elements that often crosses the paths to more complex forms of music, and this keeps the listener busy until the end. Without omitting the intros, the band has created an atmosphere so dark and desperate, that is maybe one of the strongest points of the album, and feels like being in an ancient forest, or somewhere far away from civilization. Investing on this atmosphere, the band evolves it's music, creating some of the best and most intriguing songs. Things are not simple here, and the songs have such a variety that needs a lot of spins to fully explore them. Vocals are one of the most important things here, varying from the classic Black Metal to ritualistic and clear, shifting in a very natural way, following the music which also transforms accordingly, from speedy tempos, to slower paths. The songs are complex, with fast tempos that lead to melodic bridges, before moving to even more speedy moments. Melodies are also plenty and well used here, making the songs even more powerful, without sacrificing either the atmosphere or the feeling of the music. With a majestic atmosphere from the first to the last minute, with songs that are top class, excellent musicianship, and a band that knows exactly how to create, and most important, how to perform, complex music as this is, this album is definitely a must have. Even if your aren't a Black Metal fan, check this out, cause their music is far beyond the strict term of Black Metal, and has plenty to offer.


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