Tuesday, May 15, 2012

BILOCATE - Summoning The Bygones

The music on this album is a really strange one, coming from a country with a strong tradition in music, but not so famous for it's Metal scene in general. Bilocate are from Jordan, and what makes this album stand out of the ordinary is their ability to combine oriental influences and bits into their own style. The music is really hard to tag, imagine a hybrid of Melodic Death Metal, with enough Progressive elements, tons of very mind intriguing melodies, and a combination of clear and brutal vocals. First of all, what is dominating the music are the oriental melodies, which are audible almost all the time, giving a very interesting atmosphere to the whole album. Along with that, the combination of both clear and brutal vocals enhances the atmosphere and often gives a more dark feeling to it. The music is very complex, and needs your full attention to explore it to the maximum, but the band is talented enough to create an album that has no weak points or things that could have been done in a better way. The songs are well arranged, strange with the first listening, but show the talent of the band, and with each listening they grow into you, as they reveal their secrets. While diverse in it's entirety, the moments where the band finds itself is when things a moving on the fast lane, and the music is getting more aggressive. With a musicianship high above the average, and songs so good and well worked, if you count out the length in some, the overall experience of this album is good. To fully explore the music, you have to open your mind and be in a mood for it. It's tricky, sometimes too difficult and complex, but it will certainly pay you back.


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