Friday, May 25, 2012


This is the fifth album of the band from Oulu, and I get the feeling that their fans will be very pleased with this as well. The band hasn't moved very far from the style they used us with their previous albums, and this is a good start. But along with that, the band tries to incorporate some new elements into their music. The band plays Power Metal, with all the characteristics of the genre, huge melodic choruses, perfect musicianship, plenty of sing along parts, and enough energy and groove for everyone. Right from the first minute, the band shows their intentions, and this lasts till the end, with no indifferent moments or parts that you might wanna skip. The music is catchy enough, the vocals are very good and fit perfectly with the atmosphere of the album. The songs are mostly fast, with simple structures, but often enough the band tries to make things a bit more complex, and their combination of Classic Heavy Metal and melodic Power Metal simply sounds astonishing. Music-wise the album is moving on very high standards, with the vocals standing out of the ordinary for such a style, but also with a very solid rhythm section, and remarkable riffs. Listening this album over and over, reveals a dynamic in the music, and things that were hidden see the light of day. Although it might sound catchy from the first time, their music has the variety and the ability to stick into your brain, and soon you will find yourself singing along or moving your head with the rhythm. Well produced, carefully crafted till the last detail, full of great music, and with a feeling that often reminds the 80's, you better don't treat this album as just another Power Metal. Give it a chance and you 'll be happy you did.


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