Sunday, May 06, 2012

CRAZY LIXX - Riot Avenue

Third album for the Swedish Hard Rock act, and I am pretty sure that this one will establish their brandname to a much wider audience. To all those unfamiliar with the sound of the band, let me tell you that these guys love the 80's, and the Glam/Hard Rock style and attitude of this era. This is very good, and works very well here, since the band has the talent to create songs that manage to capture the spirit and the feeling of this genre, without sound like another superstar clone, or creating music that has nothing to say. First of all is the skill, in the creation and in the performance. The music is well played, with catchy parts, killer melodies, excellent vocals and crunchy guitars. It's fun to listen to, as catchy as should be, and makes you wanna move along with it, something that is considered as a plus. The vocals are very good, well worked and with the addition of plenty of background vocals, makes the songs even more catchy and easier for the listener to participate. There's a lot of ideas here, most of them well explored, and what's more important is that they are not limited to the genre they chose to explore. Their music also contains plenty of Hard Rock elements, something that gives a depth to it, if someone cares enough to scratch the surface. As with any album of that era, a ballad also appears, and shows the vocal abilities of the singer, along with the performing skills of the band as the melodies escalate to the end. It's an album that contains all the things one can find in the style, modern but preserving some of the 80's atmosphere and feeling. It's somehow a trip back, for both those lived the era, and newer fans who discovered it afterwards.


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