Wednesday, May 30, 2012

LYKAION - Nothin' But Death

Lykaion is an Italian band that exists since 2003, and this is their first album. As I was reading the newsletter and start listening to the music, I was expecting an album a bit different so the result took me by surprise. The band is playing Melodic Death Metal mostly, but their influences are more than this, and all are obvious most of the time. So, as the music starts, you realize that Sentenced and Katatonia are playing a vital role as influences for the band, but no matter how identical the sound seems at times, the band always tries to explore new paths, and give a more personal style in their music. Now, don't get me wrong, the music here is not bad, or lacks talent and melody, it's that sometimes sounds too Sentenced-like, and this is the only weak point. Leaving the cons aside, there's many things to like here. First is the melodies, which are plenty and well arranged, and give a dynamic to the music. Along with that, there's excellent musicianship, songs catchy as hell and powerful enough, and very interesting vocals. There's talent and diversity here, with slow and melodic parts with clear vocals, leading to aggressive moments with growling parts, great guitars and a matching rhythm section. What sounds promising, besides the talent, is that the band has the potential to create music that has something to say. A melancholic and rather gloomy atmosphere is spread through the whole album, which fits perfectly with the music. Leaving the resemblance aside, this album is a debut, and various things can be forgiven. So, if you like strong melodies, powerful vocals, groovy songs, dark atmospheres, there's plenty to like here. Can't wait for their next release.


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