Wednesday, May 09, 2012

MISERATION - Tragedy Has Spoken

Third album of the Swedish Death Metal band that exists since 2006, and once again, an album that will leave all fans drooling. First of all the band is playing Death Metal, but not exactly the kind of Melodic Swedish Death Metal. Instead, their sound is much more technical, with a lot of changes, not so many melodies in each song, and much more harsh and brutal vocals. Their music is complex and needs some time to get into it, although you will find yourself amazed by the energy and groove of the songs. The vocals are very interesting, dwelling between Death and Black, but also using various other techniques, some rather strange for a Death band, such as the Mongolian throat-singing, giving a result which is aggressive, but very interesting as well. This also appeals to the rest of the music, since the band doesn't hesitate to incorporate instruments rather peculiar for a Death Metal album, mandolins, pianos, Santur, Indian Harp, all these giving each own distinctive melodic touch to the music. As you can imagine, musicianship is of top quality. This means that everything is so well put into place, that the album has very few, or maybe close to zero, moments where you might want to press the skip button. No matter if they are playing fast, or slow things down, the quality is the same, and every idea the band tries is explored to the max. The album is basically a concept, speaking about all the major tragedies of mankind, and the plot, if any, behind all these. Strong points, great musicianship, diversity, aggression and brutality, melodies, and well wirtten songs. Weak points, none. Give your full attention while listening to it, it might surprise you in various ways.


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