Monday, May 28, 2012

WAYLANDER - Kindred Spirits

The story of the band started back at 1993, somewhere in Ireland, and two years after their debut album followed. The band is playing a music that can be called Death Metal mostly, with plenty of Black and Thrash moments, enriched by the huge Celtic traditional music and culture, creating a mixture so spicy and interesting that will please all fans. Blending traditional instruments with guitars, bass and drums, manages to create an atmosphere which is, the least to say, very groovy and catchy. Melodies are playing a vital role here, but are not making things less powerful and aggressive, only giving emphasis to the Folk/Pagan side of their music. Musicianship is perfect, either the band is moving on slower and more melodic paths, or shifting gears to a higher speed, everything is well performed, and contain enough ideas that the band explores to the max. Another strong point, as with most Pagan/ Folk releases, is the atmosphere of the music, mostly created by the traditional instruments, and often enough you get the feeling you are a part of a ceremony held in an forest. On the other hand, if you are a headbanger, you will also find plenty to like here, since the music is groovy and catchy enough, and the rhythm sticks into the mind from the first moment. The vocals are very good, sometimes closer to Black, other times closer to Death, and with the addition of some ritualistic choirs here and there, they add an extra diversity to the whole result. From a country with a huge tradition in music, and from a band with a long history and talent on their backs, comes an album that can be both catchy and easy to listen, but also can contain enough elements for a cautious listener to reveal.


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