Thursday, June 07, 2012


How to describe an album that manages to combine various extreme styles into a result so innovative and unique? Devilish Impressions is a band that comes from Poland, a region well known for the quality of it's Metal scene, mostly the aggressive one. This is the third album of the band, and the first that comes to my hands, and I am, the least to say, amazed. The band is playing a mixture of various aggressive styles, transforming it's music from one style to another with ease and top class musicianship. Imagine a mixture of Death and Black Metal, with tons of excellent and groovy Thrash Metal riffs, a lot of Atmospheric elements here and there, and a Symphonic arrangement in the songs. There's variety in the music, and this is something that is obvious from the first minute. Songs that start with a calm and peaceful guitar melody lead into a Black blastbeating hellish riff, and songs that start as aggressive Death Metal bangers slow down into more melodic and groovy tunes. The vocals are perfect, a mixture between Black and Death, with enough clear moments, sometimes moving closer to one or other style, but always fitting with the music. A great work has also been done by the rhythm section, who manages to deliver, no matter what the tempo speed is. Another strong point of the album are the keyboards that give an extra depth to the music, and create a very interesting, and dark atmosphere. While musicwise the band is doing a perfect job, things are also moving on the same quality level in the composing area. The songs are aggressive and powerful, with haunting guitar or keyboard melodies, and enough changes, but are never boring or indifferent. While listening, you will find yourself often enough, to repeat the same song over and over, or move along with the rhythm. An album so well crafted, it's one of those we recommend without a second thought.


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