Tuesday, June 26, 2012

DRAGONY - Legends

When we talk about Melodic Power Metal it's really hard to find originality and things that haven't been performed before. With this thought in mind, I started listening the album of this Austrian band, which marks their debut in the scene. While not expecting wonders in terms of innovation, I couldn't help but enjoy the way that these guys create music. The story of the band started in 2007 under the name Dragonslayer Project, but four years after changed to Dragony. Right from the first minute the band shows it's intention to perform music that bears all the trademarks and cliches of Melodic Power Metal, and they do it with a professional approach that reminds much more experienced musicians. All the elements of a successful album in the genre are present here, and are combined in such a wise way that none is dominating the others. There are plenty of melodic moments, catchy choirs, sing along parts, and excellent keyboards, along with a very solid rhythm section, and a singer whose vocals fit perfectly with the style of the music. Along with that, there are moments where the music has an epic feeling or the songs get closer to Symphonic, and this is achieved mostly by the background vocals or the majestic use of the keyboard melodies. The guest appearance of well respected singers in some songs gives an extra depth to the music, and makes it even more interesting. The production is shinny enough and completes this album the way the music deserves. As I said before, it might not be the most unique album on earth, but the power of this album consists on the way the music sticks into your mind. In no time, you will find yourself singing along, tapping your feet with the rhythm, performing air solos and having fun listening to it. And to me, that is a sign of a good album.        


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