Tuesday, June 05, 2012

SABATON - Carolus Rex

The new opus of the Swedish Power Metal band was released a few days ago, and for sure none of their fans will get disappointed. Musicwise the band hasn't move very far from their original sound, but as always there's plenty to like here, something that all Power Metal listeners will appreciate. The music is once again groovy and catchy enough, with very powerful vocals and choirs, a pompous rhythm, and an Epic atmosphere widespread through the whole album. The songs are moving on mid to speed tempos, but all are having the same high quality standards the band has set with their previous releases. Vocal choirs, huge keyboard melodies, and equally catchy and melodic guitars, all set together into a very inspired and catchy result. Of course, one the strong points of Sabaton remains singer Joakim Broden, whose singing is truly amazing and unique. This time, the lyric concept is dealing about the Swedish Empire of the 17th and 18th century and was written with the assistance of a Swedish historian. Finally the production is very good, as clear and as powerful as should be, and is another big plus for the album. As an overall, one can say that this album is maybe the most diverse, yet interesting album the band has created. It has the aggression and fast songs that will make you bang your head along, it has the slower paths where the Epic feeling is stronger, and gives the feeling that everything is worked to the last detail. From the first to the last note, the music is so addictive, makes you want to participate in any possible way, and you will find yourself singing long after the listening is over. Music that speaks right to the heart.


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