Monday, June 18, 2012

THORMESIS - Von Leere und Tod

There's a certain thing about Pagan/Black Metal bands that makes their music very catchy and mind intriguing, and these German folks know how to take advantage of it. Starting with a blast, and leaving no space for resting, the band creates an album full of so nice and well performed music, that every extreme fan will appreciate. There's a big contradiction here, between melodic and aggressive moments, and the whole album has been focused on that. There are times where things are slow, where vocals are more pompous, and where melodies are more on the foreground, and then everything leads to a crescendo of aggression, with screaming vocals, blast beats and edgy guitar riffs. Well written songs, with some really nice ideas, and a dark atmosphere spread throughout the album, enriching the Pagan elements of the music, are the main characteristics of this album. Musicwise the album is moving on Black Metal paths but tries to explore other territories and incorporate various influences as well, and the result might not be the most dark and intense you might ever hear, but it's diverse and for sure not one of those that make you wanna finish with it, and put it on a shelf gathering dust. And considering that almost all the compositions are rather long, over 6 or 7 minutes each, this is not an easy task to do. With six years of existence, and this being their second full length album, the achievement of the band is not small. To have a debut album on a major label, with quality music such as this, with songs that are lengthy but interesting, and with a production that stands above the average, this is maybe their chance for bigger things.


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