Monday, July 23, 2012

I AM I - Event Horizon

This is the new project of Z P Theart, the well known ex-vocalist of Dragoforce, and this is their debut full length release. It's really hard not to admire the vocal skills of this artist, who manages to color this album with various influences and taste, leaving almost every fan excited. It's also hard not to admire the composing skills of both the vocalist and guitar player, for realizing this album. The music is melodic and catchy, but also full of various elements, excellent musicianship, and moments that stick into you mind. Spreading from AOR to Melodic Power Metal and Classic Metal, the band leaves no doubts about their songwriting ideas, and their abilities to bring their music vision to life. Ambitious music, that might sound easy to follow, but holds plenty of surprises in the background, with some bombastic riffs and grooves, top class guitar solos, and an exceptional vocal performance somehow dominating the songs. The songs are very good, with nice ideas, catchy enough to draw the attention from the first minute, with all the trademarks of a well written Melodic music. Pompous when needed, shifting speeds when necessary, with parts to sing along, tap you feet to the floor, everything is here to assure maximum effect. Along with that, the listener will also notice the perfect guitar solos that often flirt with shredding, the broad range of the vocals, the rhythm section that sounds as accurate as a swiss clock. Interesting and well written, with no less good or indifferent moments, this album has all it takes to be a good companion for quite some time. Don't afraid to give it some time, and look under the surface. You might find that the music is not as "easy" as it might seem at first, and this is maybe the bigger advantage of this album.


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