Thursday, July 05, 2012

IHSAHN - Eremita

No introduction is needed for this guy here, since almost everyone, even those not very fond of his music, understand his talent and musical genius. The first, and most important thing here is the creation of an atmosphere full of darkness, and despair, in which the music evolves, creating with each song various sonicscapes and emotions to the listener. Let me say that this album is not something that you can listen while doing something else, cause it needs your full attention to explore the music. The music here is complex in nature, borrowing elements from various style, and combines them into a hard to categorize sound, but the result is so well worked and interesting that no one cares. There are moments when the music is moving on high speed, full of energy and aggression and then everything slows down and vocals are getting more clear. The feeling of unexpected is very strong, and maybe one of the key points of the album. There's a symphonic nature in the music, and the use of saxophone and violins simply enhances that, and gives an extra depth to the music. The combination of aggressive elements and Metal, with the clear parts, the sax and violin melodies, is simply amazing, and this means that this album has no weak moments or songs that sound indifferent. Of course all these details wouldn't be available to the listener, without a proper production, and an album so rich in nature as this, has the exact production it deserves. Guest appearances for well respected artists simply raises the standards for this artist. If you are a fan of Ihsahn's work, then you might know what to expect, but still there are surprises ahead. If you are a newcomer, then you should give this album some time to fully discover it's details. Nevertheless, it needs an open mind, and more than just a couple of listens.


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