Tuesday, July 31, 2012


There's a special thing about bands that are inspired by Folk music, and decide to incorporate those tunes into their own style. I am not sure who started that, and when, but every now and then, there's a band coming out, with an album that blends Folk and Metal, that really makes me wanna listen their albums over and over again. Korpiklaani is a Finish band, and this is their latest release, that will please both old and new fans, but also will make their sound available to new listeners. Their music consists on up-tempo songs, with a rather party feeling, is well performed and leaving a good taste at the end. Also, there're moments where the sound gets a bit darker, just a bit though, and this makes the whole atmosphere even more interesting. Something expected though, if you check out the concept story of this album. The use of the instruments like fiddle, violin or accordion, help in the creation of the Folk background of the music, and sometimes the melodies created by the violins are simply superb. The whole album is very catchy, from the first to the last minute, the groove makes you wanna participate, move along with it, or tap you feet. While the first impression is that of an easy listening album, with music that will make you have a good time, under the surface excellent performance is also hidden. Tons of interesting, and sometimes very sticky melodies, exist through the whole album, and are a vital part of it, creating the atmosphere that makes you think you are in a different place and time. Diverse and multi-layered, with excellent musicians and equally good performance, nice arrangements and a matching production, this album is pure fun to listen to. If you a fan of the band, or enjoy the Folk-Metal mixture, don't miss this.


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