Monday, July 02, 2012

MADMAZE - Frames Of Alienation

This is the latest release of the band, which was released earlier this year. Mad Maze is a band that comes from Italy, a country with a strong tradition in music of all genres, and this band here could be no exception. The story of the band started about a decade ago, under a different name, but with the same passion for Thrash music, a passion that is still active and visible in their work. A name change occurred some years later, and an EP release followed, that led to a contract and a full length release, that would make their sound available to broader audiences. The first thing that the listener will notice is that the band is talented enough, and are all skilled musicians, so their music is much more complex than just Thrash. Each song has various style and tempo changes, but always has the same short and sharp riffs Thrash music is famous of, enough melodies and a rhythm that makes it catchy enough. The rhythm section is as solid and tight as should be, and the vocals is a combination of early and modern Thrash, with the addition of some growling. This gives to the whole album a familiar feeling to both old-school or modern Thrash fans, which most of the times is good. Solos are plenty and very melodic, sometimes very close to shredding, which is particularly enjoyable. For a debut album, the majority of the songs are very good, a blend between early and modern Thrash music, with interesting ideas, enough aggression and energy, and rather few things that spoil the fun. The production is clear and powerful enough, and gives the finishing touches to the album. Forget for a moment that this is a debut release and just enjoy the music.


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