Thursday, July 19, 2012

VORE - Gravehammer

This is not a new release of the band, but since they have a new deal with AFM Records, saw their latest opus released again. The music of Vore is like a bulldozer aiming at your car, you know you will be crushed, and this will be done with the maximum force used. Blending Death Metal riffs, with Doom elements made their music combining all the strong points of both genres, and created something really interesting and definitely heavy as Hell. Super heavy guitar riffs give the tempo, and the rhythm section follows, while the growlings of Page Townsley complete perfectly the picture. The majority of the songs are moving on mid tempo, and the band's influences from Thrash, Doom or even traditional Heavy Metal can be found here, but always well incorporated and fitting with their personal style. The first thing that impresses are the guitar riffs, they are heavy and brutal enough, often reminding of Bolt Thrower in style, but always well crafted and slowly building the atmosphere the band wants to create. Solos are plenty, melodic and sometimes very technical and complex, adding a nice touch of melody into their music. The same high quality flawless musicianship is also delivered from both the drummer and bass player, with the drummer giving some incredible performance. The vocals are brutal, well worked, old-school and in the same style as the rest of the music. It's an album that might not impress from the first moment, since it needs some time to grow into you, those who indulge supersonic speedy blastbeatings will find it even more difficult to digest at first. It's mid tempo, but it's strength is hidden in this, has a way to make you move your head along, and it's so damn heavy you can't help but enjoy it. Perfectly produced, and executed with no mistakes, this album is maybe a fine example of a band that doesn't recognize trends but performs it's music vision with dedication.


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