Saturday, August 11, 2012


Black Majesty is an Australian Power Metal outfit, and this is their latest work, following IN YOUR HONOUR which was released back in 2010. Having heard most of their previous albums, I was quite curious about how this could overcome the success of their previous release, or stand at the same standards the band has set. So, giving it a spin, and after a first listening, I can say that the band is on the same path that has chose to follow with their previous releases. The sound of Black Majesty is Melodic Power Metal with a generous dose of Classic Metal influence in it, and what comes with it is exactly what the die hard fan expects. Melodies, tons of them, catchy choruses and hooks, parts to sing along, grooves that stick in you mind, great musicianship and the unavoidable cliches that a style like this has. Along with the expected things, there are various small surprises here and there, that spice things up a bit. Sometimes a song structure is a bit more complex than expected, a melody is not as cliche as the rest, in general, the band has tried to explore new territories and expand their musical horizons a bit, without compromising their style. The majority of the songs are good, with nice ideas, and with a heavy shinny production. Although the whole band's performance is exceptional, I can't help but mention the vocal skills of John Cavaliere. While his singing is excellent on the fast tunes, his performance is equally great on the amazing "Shine", the closing ballad of the album. Although some might find their music not as surprising or innovative, the fact is that this album has no weak points if you are a fan of the genre. All things are carefully placed, and this means that the album is full of joyful music, but doesn't afraid to get more "serious" whenever the bands wants to.


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