Monday, August 20, 2012


There are always stereotypes about an origin of a band and the music that they are playing, which are most of the times true. Often enough though, we come across bands that are inspired by famous musicians and don't meet those cliches, and that's when things get even more interesting. What we have here is a band that saw the light of day in Belfast, and this, if I am not mistaken it's their second release so far. The music the band is playing is pure Classic Rock, with the attitude and the feeling of the genre, and their influences from Rock legends like Aerosmith or AC/DC in the nature of the songs is more than obvious, with a lot of personal touch though. The songs are fast, with crunchy riffs and angry vocals, the kind of songs that inspire you to move along with the rhythm, and consume beers like crazy. All aspects of the album are good, from the musicianship and the performance abilities of the band, to the compositions, everything is well worked and has no weak points or indifferent moments. While the groove and the good vibes are the most important things in this album, there's enough diversity in the music, and moments where the band explores more bluesy or much harder paths, and adds them in their music in a very cool and fluent way. The production is as distorted and heavy as should be, and preserves some of the dirty feeling of the music. At the end, the album leaves a good taste, and an uptempo feeling to the listener. There's plenty of parts to sing along, the music is catchy, and the tunes are heavy enough, but can also find some airplay in the proper radio stations. Well performed, fun to listen to, with nice ideas and a proper production, this album has all it takes to become a perfect companion. Get some friends, some ice cold beers, and prepare for some good time.


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