Wednesday, August 29, 2012

SYBREED - God Is An Automaton

Sybreed is a band from Switzerland that exists since 2003, and while this is the first work that comes to my hands, it's their fourth album so far. Their music is very interesting, and rather ambitious, and the result justifies the band 100%. They mix Metal with electronics and industrial elements, creating a hybrid, sometimes closer to aggressive forms, and others more melodic and groovy, but always staying catchy and inspired. The biggest plus of the album are the grooves, and the ability of the band to create music that sneaks into your mind. Along with that, melodies are playing an important role, creating a cool contradiction with the aggressive and darker side of the music. Another thing we liked is the combination of Death Metal vocals, with the clear and sometimes closer to new wave ones. That combined with plenty of futuristic electric sounds and melodies, creates a result that can be catchy and aggressive, but also complex enough and with various things to discover. In fact this need of the band to experiment, and to incorporate things into their music, makes this album one of those that stand the test of time, specially if you like their weird and out of the ordinary way of composing. Songs that are shifting from Death Metal with double bass drums to more melodic forms full of electronic and digitally distorted vocals, definitely need an open minded listener to fully appreciate. Flaws do exist, but are not important or as many as to destroy the good impression you get for this album. Equally good is the production, who manages to deal with all the various musical tastes, and preserve each ones atmosphere and feeling. With inspired songwriting, talented musicianship, ideas that sometimes get way out of forms and boundaries, this album has plenty to like. But it needs it's time, and it's cautious listening to fully comprehend.


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