Wednesday, August 22, 2012

TANKARD - A Girl Named Cerveza

For any cautious follower of the German Thrash scene, Tankard has always been a band that has the most strong affection with beer, and have praised every form of it throughout their long career. Following the same themes, and dealing with their favorite subject, A Girl Named Cerveza has no intention to leave fans unsatisfied or explore new paths. Performing their guitar driven drunken Thrash music, the band leaves nothing to imagination, a sonic WYSIWYG, that holds few surprises to the listener but is honest and well performed most of the times. Their music is basically Thrash, with all the characteristics one should expect from a German band, groovy rhythms, crunchy guitar riffs, angry vocals and plenty of parts to bang you head along. Along with that, the bands is trying to make their sound a bit more diverse, which sometimes works and some others, well it doesn't. What has always characterised the lyrics and the attitude of Tankard album is an extreme sense of humor, something that might be responsible for not been taken seriously by many Thrash fans. This weird sense of humor is also present here, sometimes working, and sometimes destroying the result and sound awkward. The songs are quite good, with nice musicianship and most of them are quite interesting. Along with the killer tunes, there a few average ones and some less good, leaving the listener with a strange sense in the end. There's the potential, and the ability to create something killer, but too much use of beer humor has somehow spoiled it. Nevertheless give it a listen, grab a decent amount of beers, and prepare to experience the new album of the most famous beer Thrashing band on earth.


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