Wednesday, August 15, 2012

WINTERFYLLETH - The Threnody Of Triumph

It's a few days after the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games, and I, just like many millions over the world, spent a few minutes gazing at the TV, watching what the English music industry has to offer. Thanks to bands like Winterfylleth though, I realized that there's a whole healthy scene under the shinny pop surface, and this scene has really a lot to offer. This is the third album of the band, and although I haven't carefully followed their career from the start, their second release still finds it's way every now and then in my stereo. So, their new full length is here, to prove that their success and their well crafted previous work has not been done by coincidence. The band is playing Black Metal, with all the trademarks of the style, but with a personal touch to their music that both old and new fans will like. Along with the blastbeating, the screaming vocals, and the sharp guitar riffs, the band has added a lot of atmospheric elements and this spiced things a lot. Melodies that bring a chill to the spine and give a feeling that you are somewhere in an ancient forest. Backing vocals that sometimes sound like a lament or a ritual, and add to the whole atmosphere creation that is one of the big plus of the album. The lyrics are dealing with how old British people view the transition between life and death and how they learn to live with it, so the album title contains both the lament and the triumph of life over the loss of loved ones. Another strong point of the album is the compositions which manage to keep the listener focused till the end, and make him want more and more, in order to fully explore the music. Full of excellent musicianship and brilliant compositions, haunting melodies, and an atmosphere that fits perfectly with the concept, this album is a great journey in it's entirety. But don't stay on the surface, open your mind and let the music take you to places out of civilization.


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