Thursday, September 20, 2012

BULLET - Full Pull

For any careful follower of Bullet, the deal with Nuclear Blast wasn't a surprise. After the impact of their previous albums, it was natural to draw their attention, and their next effort Full Pull is on our hands. Following where their previous album left, the band present us their music, which is a mixture of Classic Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, with lots of AC/DC-like groove, a blend highly dynamic and catchy. Their music sticks into your mind, and makes you wanna be a part of it. Makes you move your head along, tap your toes to the floor and sing along, and this feeling doesn't leave at any moment. First thing to notice is the vocalist, whose vocals are harsh and sometimes give a dirty touch to the music that fits perfectly with the atmosphere. The guitars are also doing a perfect job, creating some very catchy riffs, but also killer melodies when needed, while the rhythm section is also moving on the same high levels of quality. What is mostly enjoyable on this album is their ability to create music that gives the same uptempo feeling as AC/DC do, music that you want to hear when driving on the highway, when you are out with friends for beers, and definitely want to see it live. Therefore it's easy to participate in the songs, with memorable parts and refrains, the kind of music that a live audience loves to hear and yell with. There are enough ideas here, along with plenty of the style cliches, all well worked and composed to very interesting music. No less good moments exist here, no fillers, or songs that could have been done in a different way. This album has all the ingredients of a good album. Good compositions, great musicianship, killer melodies, a shiny production, a party atmosphere and a dirty attitude that brings memories from the past. Well done guys.


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