Monday, September 03, 2012


This is the new opus of the Italian band, two years after their previous release. Things have a changed a bit since then, a new drummer and bass player in the line-up, and some notable guest appearances that are making this album a huge step forward for the band. This time, the music contains much more Folk elements than before, and all the things that a fan will like. The first thing to notice is that there's variety in the music. There are simple Power Metal tunes, melancholic melodies and ballads. The rhythm section sounds as tight as ever, creating the perfect sonic carpet while the Folk instruments are taking a more leading role at times, achieving a magnificent atmosphere. The music is always catchy and interesting, most of the times makes you wanna participate and sing along, while others you just let the melodies flow, and the atmosphere travel you to places. Vocal performances are exceptional, from Jon Oliva's vocals, to the duet of Netta Dahlberg and Damna, or Damna alone, every single moment of singing is great, adding extra value to the whole result. The songs are very good, with enough nice ideas, although the band is not daring to experiment too much. There are also a few less good moments existing but they don't spoil the result. Basically a Power Metal album, with a production that is as clear and powerful as should be, but enriched with so many various influences, and containing so much variety in the songs and melodies, that leaves no space for the listener to feel bored. With so nice musicianship, great guest appearances, and plenty of moments where you can sing along or repeating the tunes and melodies, this album is one of those that will stay in your player for quite some time. And if you are a fan of Elvenking, then it might bring back some memories as well.


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