Tuesday, September 25, 2012

KIX - Live In Baltimore

Kix started back in 1978 in Maryland as a cover band, and continuing to release albums until mid 90's when they call it quits. Almost ten years later, the idea of a reunion started to emerge, and in 2008 the band performed in big festivals around US. My first experience with the band was the listening of Blow My Fuse back in the late 80's, which practically blew me away. So, as anxious as I was then, I started to listen to the album, to find out that it sounds like no time has passed. Kix are playing a Hard Rock full of energy and grooves, tons of melodies, and the distinctive vocals of Steve Whiteman dominating the result, something that I always found really interesting and catchy. Their music has a way to sneak into you, make you having a good time, and stick into your mind. So, after a few minutes, you feel the rhythm grow into you, and you start to sing along, tap you feet or move your head along. The band continued to performed a fine selection of songs, with the same quality and vibe as if no day has passed since their release, and the audience didn't miss a chance to cheer, or sing along the refrains, rewarding the performance of the band. This is their first release for quite some time, and their first live CD/DVD ever, with a studio album following sometime next year, which will also make an impact. The production is as powerful as it should be, and preserves enough of the crowd reactions without altering the music or losing the energy. To sum things up, if you are a fan of the band then this is the best thing you can have while waiting for their next studio release. But in any way, if you like the sound of the band, or you are in for some Hard Rock with balls, then give these guys a listening.


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