Thursday, September 06, 2012

UNCHAINED - Oncoming Chaos

Debut album for the French Death Metal band, and a pleasant surprise for the Melodic Death fans all over the world. The band is heavily influenced by the Swedish scene, although they are often trying to explore other extreme paths as well. Melodies, as we said, are the key part of this album, and they are plenty, well worked  and catchy, while they are used in a very clever way to enhance the result. Vocals vary from the typical Brutal growls to some high pitched moments that sometimes flirt with Black with some clean vocals here and there to give depth to the whole album. Musicwise the band is very talented, and they manage to bring their musical vision to life, with no less good moments. The rhythm section is very good, tight and solid as should be, and delivers with the same quality, from the first to the last minute. Interesting songwriting, with the band not limited to the narrow borders of Melodic Death, but also trying to implement other influences as well, with Thrash being the most obvious, and does it with success. There's variety in this album, something I believe is one of their bigger achievements, with songs that will please almost all extreme Metal fans. Songs with melodies, songs with a more tight and groovy rhythm, more raw and aggressive, everything is here to keep you interested until the end. All these wrapped up in a shinny and clear production that gives the last finishing details. While not being the most aggressive album you might get your hands at, it manages to keep some of the raw atmosphere that kind of albums have, while the majority of the songs will make you bang your head along with the rhythm. Listening this album over and over, new things came to surface, and often enough makes you forget it's only a debut. Well done guys, looking forward to hear from you again.


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