Monday, October 01, 2012

WILDESTARR - A Tale Tell Heart

This is the second album of the band, whose mastermind is Dave Starr from Vicious Rumors, while the vocals are done by Mrs London Wilde. Right from the start, you understand what the band is trying to create, and this is an album full of Classic Metal music, enriched with enough Power elements, and tons of melodies. The album starts with a bang, with a fast and groovy track, where the high pitched vocals and the nature of the music prepare the listener of what's to follow, an album in the vein of Judas Priest, or Primal Fear. The music is fast, catchy and fun to listen to. You will tap your feet along with it, from the first moment, and this is the bigger plus of the album. Based on a simple recipe, but created with extra caution on every detail, the album never fails in ears of the listener. The music doesn't promise more than it can deliver, and this is something that fans will appreciate. The music is groovy, fast, and melodic, and has some very good ideas that the band explores as much as possible. Musicianship is great, in every aspect, from the guitar melodies, to the riffs, and the rock solid rhythm section, all band is high class indeed. The vocals are excellent, high pitched but also harsh when needed, and are moving the whole album to a higher level. Softer moments also exist, where the music is just the background, and London Wilde shows another side of her vocal abilities. The arrangements are very good, interesting enough, with no less good moments and with a great production. Excellent guitars, a rhythm section that sometimes reminds glorious days of the past, superb vocals, lyric themes inspired from the work of Edgar Alan Poe, everything assures a good result. If you liked their previous album, or you are into such kind of Metal, don't forget to check this one also.  


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