Thursday, November 22, 2012

ASHES YOU LEAVE - The Cure For Happiness

The band hails from Croatia, and exists since the mid 90's. Having that in mind, and considering the fact that they are blending Doom and Gothic, I was curious enough to listen their latest release. Right from the first minute, the band shows that they are aiming for a release that will leave it's mark in their career. First of all let me tell you that the melodies of this album is one of their stronger points. Well worked and straight to the point, they create various emotions and enrich the dark and desperate mood that is spread through the whole album. Another strong point is the distinctive and well worked female vocals, which, along with the brutal male ones create a very interesting contradiction, acting like two sides of the same coin. As the music progresses, you find yourself enchanted by the simple yet addictive song structures, and the excellent melodies and atmosphere that the band creates. As I mention, the songs are rather simple in nature, with their Gothic side being more audible, but are well worked, with some nice ideas, and are all moving to the same high level. Musicwise the band is also very good,from the rhythm section to the lead guitars, and the addition of violin melodies simply makes their music even more charming and melancholic. The production is clear and as heavy as needed, preserving the details of the music in the best possible way. Familiar or not with their previous works, this one catches the attention right from the start. Be it the music, the melodies, the atmosphere, the vocals, or just a combination of all the above, it's an album that you want to listen over and over, as with each spin, positive things seem to grow bigger and new things find their way to the surface.


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