Wednesday, November 28, 2012

DESTRUCTION - Spiritual Genocide

You know what to expect when you see the name Destruction on a cover, and this album doesn't fail the expectations at any moment. According the cover letter they are celebrating their thirty years as a band with the most diverse album they have released after the reunion. Of course, as you start listening the album, diversity doesn't mean that the band tries to explore new horizons, or incorporate new elements into their music. It's just they are exploring new boundaries of the extreme side, without losing their identity, and their sound trademarks. Speaking of trademarks, what an anxious fan expects to hear is the killer guitar riffs, and trust me, there are plenty of those here, to make your neck ache for quite some time. Along with the razor sharp riffs, comes the angry vocals of Schmier, who is a constant value over the years. This time though, his vocals are a bit more aggressive, and slightly more brutal than I remember. Last, but not least in any way, comes the excellent drummer, whose performance is truly amazing most of the times. The songs are well written, although there are some less good moments, but the good musicianship saves the day. The guest appearance of Tom Angelripper, and Gerre from Tankard only makes things more interesting in Legacy Of The Past, spicing this album a bit. As a conclusion we can easy say that this is an album that will please all fans of the genre. It has all the right things that bring chills to the spine of every Thrasher with top class musicians giving a performance equal to their fame. So get yourself some beers, and get ready for some serious headbanging.  


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