Monday, December 10, 2012

MORS PRINCIPIUM EST - ...And Death Said Live

It all started back in 1999 in Finland, and this is their fourth album so far. The band is playing Swedish Death Metal, but without staying on the surface, but also trying to add new spices to their music. The first thing the listener will notice is the quality of the songs, from the fine chosen melodies, to the aggression and the technical skills of the band, everything is so carefully picked for maximum result. First of all there's the brutality one expects from such a release. Harsh vocals, furious drums, and grooves that often flirt with Thrash, are the main things to like here. Things are natural and fluent, and not forced in any way, which means that the songs are fun to listen, and not becoming boring after a while. The other thing is the melodies, an album of the genre should have. Here, melodies are plenty and some of them quite catchy,showing the high composing level of the band. There are no weak points here, and everything acts like a piece to a bigger image. Even melodic intros and bridges sound interesting, enriching the fast and aggressive parts, and creating a contradiction that works very well. As I said before, the band has done a perfect job in the arranging area, create songs that don't afraid to point out all the skills of the musicians, while capturing the essence of the style, and certainly don't become a constant improvisation of five musicians. Besides the excellent raw sing of Ville Vilhanen, one couldn't help but comment the excellent work that has been done in the guitars, in both melodies, and on fast shredding solos. A very talented drummer and an equal bass player complete the puzzle, and all these are carefully and perfectly mixed and produced. It's been quite some time since their last work, but I am sure that both fans of the band and Swedish Death Metal, will justify the wait.


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