Tuesday, December 18, 2012


This is the first album of the Italian band, that plays music that speaks straight to the heart. The strange thing here is that the band consists on two members, well established Italian musicians, and the result is an album that is absolutely amazing. Starting with a bang, the duet continues to deliver music so rich and full of melodies that brings tears to the eyes. Music full of emotions, sometimes up-tempo and party, some others slower and more mellow, but always full of the nicest grooves, delivering some of the finest AOR music. Memorable parts, where the listener can sing along and grooves that stick into your mind, are the key parts of this album. The songwriting is amazing, with the majority of the songs moving on high quality levels, and the whole album becoming a favorite from the first spins. The work that has been done in every aspect is also good, and production couldn't be otherwise. It's clear and powerful enough, and gives room for the music to evolve. Musicwise both members are great, from the exceptional vocal performances of Titta Tani, the groovy way of beating the drum skins, to the magnificent riffs and melodies created by the guitars and keyboards of Paolo Caucci, everything is carefully handpicked for your sonic pleasure. Another good thing is that the music has a strong foot in the 80's feeling of AOR, but also enough keyboard elements that give a more modern approach which sounds really interesting. From fast rockers, to more cheesy ballads, the band delivers with the same ease, and without flaws or things that sound indifferent. If you are a fan of Melodic Rock or AOR, then these Italians have an interesting suggestion to make.



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