Thursday, January 10, 2013


The band comes from Belgium, and this is their second release so far. They exist since 2009, and they are quite experienced musicians, something that you understand the moment you start listening to their music. The band plays a very ambitious Symphonic Black Metal, with enough melodies, and plenty of atmospheric elements here and there to make things more exciting. I call it ambitious, because the band is not resting on forms, but constantly tries to explore new territories, and to make their music more intriguing. Without losing their aggressive nature, the band creates a complex kind of music that never sounds indifferent or becomes boring. So, along with the blastbeating and the high pitched Black-ish vocals, you will find slower parts, with a certain kind of ritualistic feeling, that complete the album. Another strong point, is the vocals, which are always fitting, and it's really amazing how he manages to deliver so good, no matter what style and idea the band explores. It would also be unfair no to talk about the atmosphere the band creates in this album, which sometimes is really eerie and breath taking. The music is pompous and majestic in it's nature, well performed, and full of nice ideas, some of them really cool and catchy. The production is clear enough, but without destroying either the atmosphere or the aggression and energy of the music. Raw and primitive at times, catchy and melodic, slow and mesmerizing, with cool male vocals, and some interesting female ones, the band didn't afraid to experiment and follow paths. If you are a fan of Black Metal chances are you gonna like this album. But to fully appreciate what the band tries to achieve, you have to open your mind, lower the lights, and let the music take you to places.

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