Saturday, January 05, 2013

SNAKECHARMER - Snakecharmer

The name didn't ring any bells when I started to listen to the album, but it didn't take much time to realize that we are dealing with a super band here. This is the first release of the band, but the musicians here are top class. Whitesnake, Black Sabbath, Ozzy Ozbourne, Thunder, Wishbone Ash, Magnum, M.S.G., Tina Turner, are some of the bands those musicians have worked with, and this is assuring the quality of the result. Musicwise the band is moving on Hard Rock forms, but has covered a wider area, with influences from Blues to early Foreigner and Classic Rock, something that gives a versatility to their music, that leaves everyone satisfied. There's no less good moment here, and although a good bunch of musicians doesn't mean that the songs will be equally good, here it seems that the musicians are in a very creative period. Songs that don't repeat themselves, with melodies that speak to the heart and mind of the listener, catchy grooves, vocals that transform according to the style of the song, every aspect of this album is well worked to the last detail. Despite the classic song forms, the band has enough paths to follow and some very brilliant ideas to explore in their arrangements. There's plenty to like here, there's always a catchy groove that makes you sing along or tap your feet with the rhythm, and a feeling that sometimes transfers you to a bar with the characteristic smell of smoke and beer. The production is crystal clear but also preserves the retro atmosphere the album creates at times. It's hard to pick which moment rocks more, the Hard Rock parts, the moments where touches of Blues step in or when things slow down and melodies come on the foreground. As the album finishes, you want to focus on songs that draw the attention, or just make it spin again and again, and discover new things. Definitely an album that has something to say, and will make you sing the music along for quite sometime.  


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