Wednesday, January 30, 2013

SNAKESKIN ANGELS - Follow The Snake To The Core

This is the debut album of the Swedish band, which exists since 2008, and this release is nothing but their demo album, with a new intro track. From the first moment, the band shows their influences to the listener, by delivering a kind of music that will make all fans of the 70's sound rub their hands with joy. The band is playing traditional Heavy Metal, as the cover letter claims, which means they are creating music that is heavily inspired by what Black Sabbath did back in the 70's, without sound as mere copycats in any moment. Music that contains generous doses of distorted guitars, melodies, catchy choruses, touches of Doom, Stoner or even Blues, is what it takes to become a favorite. You won't find anything modern here, everything has been done in the traditional way, and maybe this is the bigger dynamic of this creation. As musicians, the band is moving on high quality levels, from the vocalist to the guitars and rhythm section, everyone is doing a great job, which is expected though, since this is a project band. The majority of the songs are all moving on the same music forms, with oldfashioned distorted riffs and fitting vocals being the main characteristics of them. But during the album, you will often find the band exploring new paths, and trying to incorporate new elements into their music, but without altering the feeling of the music. The vocals are excellent, and there are times, specially on the acoustic Nothing But Pain, where you get an idea of some of the capabilities of Kenneth Thunderbolt. The production is also moving on the same retro style, giving the last touches to the album, and preserving the atmosphere of the music. With a good variety of songs in this album, all based on the same forms but each having it's own unique details, this album is pure fun to the last minute. So, grab plenty of beers, and prepare yourself for a good retro party.  

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