Tuesday, February 19, 2013

AS THEY BURN - Will, Love, Life

Second album for the French based Deathcore act, and once again, the band is drawing the attention of all fans around the globe with their intense and full of energy mixture of aggression and melodies. The band is blending Death Metal, with Progressive into a very technical and modern style of Metal, that will please all fans of Deathcore as well. What impresses from the first minute, is the skills of the band, either on the vocal area, the guitar riffs and melodies or the rhythm section, everything is as tight and as well constructed to solidify the whole result. The vocals are brutal and aggressive enough, and fit perfectly with the mood of the music, adding energy, and diversity at times, to the whole result. From the first minute, the band shows it's intentions, to create music that doesn't compromise, blending some basic melodies here and there, but mostly consist on raw energy and aggression. Along with that, they are not afraid to experiment, often leading to very interesting paths, although never really leaving the style they chose to follow. The music is always well performed, catchy and with plenty of parts that make you wanna bang your head with the rhythm, with nice ideas, enough grooves that stick into your mind, and, in general, what it takes to become a favorite. Another thing that is good is that the music doesn't become tiring after a while, a mistake bands often tend to repeat. Raw and brutal, with killer vocals, a modern touch, and some twists here and there to intrigue the mind, the band seems to have the ability to draw some attention around themselves. Grab some cold beers and enjoy.

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