Thursday, February 21, 2013

BLACKSHINE - Soul Confusion

Blending Heavy Metal, with Thrash influences and melodic guitars, the quartet from Sweden strikes back with their fourth full length album. Their story starts back in 1988 with Death Metal in mind, but soon they changed into a different, more personal style, and adopt the name Blackshine. So, here we are, 25 years and four albums later, with their latest opus. This is the first album of the band that gets in my hands, but I have to say that their music is so effective that it became favorite after a while. What impresses from the first minute is the excellent rhythm section, that creates a groove that sticks into your mind, and makes you move along with it, from start to finish. Either fast or slower, it's always catchy and makes you tap your feet or bang your head along with it. The guitars are a constant riff producing machine, with each riff being better than the previous, and the variety of melodies are also giving extra credits to the music. Along with that, comes the vocals, fitting with the music, interesting enough, borrowing elements from Death and Thrash, clear and powerful, the singer gives his personal touch to the songs. The band surely knows how to write good music, with enough interesting ideas, and the result is an album with almost no weak points or indifferent moments. Full of energy, good grooves, vatiety, and music that makes you wonder how will it be to see the band live, the album is a sonic pleasure all the way to the end. This is an album that is meant to be played loud. 

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